SSE Executive Education has wide-ranging experience offering consortium programs based on long-term collaboration with more than 20 companies.

These collaborations are founded on fundamental principles such as:

  • a select and stable group of partner organizations that share our long-term view of structured executive and leadership development and that nominate groups of leaders from their organization for consortium program rounds.
  • a shared ambition to proactively influence program objectives and structure
  • a common interest in long-term and intimate exchange of experiences and networking with other companies and organizations

How is Scania planning and equipping itself for a future with new conditions – with strict demands in terms of sustainability, the emergence of autonomous vehicles and collaboration in new ecosystems? We interviewed Mats Alvér, Head of Leadership and Organizational Development for Scania Academy, Ann Gummesson and Határ Zsófia, Organizational Development Consultants for the Scania Group, about the Scania Evolution strategic leadership program and their thoughts on skills development and strategy in changing times.

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  • Business/assignment
  • Business Control
  • Leadership