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At SSE Executive Education, we provide organizations and their leaders with new knowledge, new ways of thinking and new tools to successfully and successfully drive their organizations into the future.

We offer leadership training, strategy training, finance training, management training and specialist programs in finance and insurance.

Since 2005, SSE Executive Education (Formerly “IFL at Stockholm School of Economics”) is part of the SSE and in 2015 we changed our name from IFL to our current one.


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Legal Leaders Executive Management Program

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2020-04-07 08:15 - 09:00

  • Leave blurry strategies behind – learn strategic governance

      Many people have a detailed view of their own work and adjacent areas while knowing little of how their company is steered and its strategies. Is this a problem? – Yes, if the strategy is unclear or incoherent, it will be difficult to navigate and to know what you are expected to do to […]

  • How to mitigate the risks of hazardous cyber attacks against your company

    Cyber attacks are one of the foremost threats to companies’ operations and cost society and the business community huge sums each year. And the trend gives cause for concern. The attacks, the inventiveness of the attackers and organizations’ vulnerability seem only to increase in strength and scope. Can cyber attacks be avoided and, if so, […]

  • Scania Evolution – strategic management development towards the transport system of the future

    How is Scania planning and equipping itself for a future with new conditions – with strict demands in terms of sustainability, the emergence of autonomous vehicles and collaboration in new ecosystems? We interviewed Scania about the Scania Evolution strategic leadership program and their thoughts on skills development and strategy in changing times.

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