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Diplomutbildning för finansanalytiker / Ränteinstrument och makroanalys

The meeting will be in Swedish.

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2018-05-16 12:00 - 13:15

  • How to lead change for integration in the public sector

    We interviewed Ulrika Sedell – leadership developer, lecturer and author of the book Bortom glastaket (Beyond the Glass Ceiling) and Vägar till innanförskap (Paths to Inclusion). This autumn Ulrika will be a guest contributor to SSE Executive Education’s Executive Management Program for the Public Sector on the theme of how the public sector can learn […]

  • David Moreno

    Swedish “lagom” leadership – is it really unique?

    Swedes may not be prone to boasting, but we do tend to take pride in our leadership model and the success it seems to breed. But is Swedish leadership really that different – some might even use the word unique? And would leaders who weren’t brought up with a “Swedish mindset” agree? To find out, […]

  • Do you have the right skills for your leadership role?

    Executive education is aimed at top-flight professionals. The ambition is usually to become a better leader by gaining deeper and broader perspectives in key areas such as personal leadership, strategy or economics. Often a change of job is the perfect time for further education, with the new challenges fuelling your drive to develop. It is […]

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