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This advanced executive program will provide the participants with a holistic perspective on the mission of management and business development. Through research-based tools and perspectives, it will enable managers to respond with proactivity to the needs for change and development facing today’s businesses and government agencies.

As a participant, you will be able to work from the standpoint of your own organization, with relevant business cases and challenges. Continuous teamwork with shared experiences, input, and feedback from other participants who represent other industries are an important part of the development journey.

The Executive Leadership Program will also boost your leadership development by providing you with new perspectives on leadership and motivation and making you more aware of your own leadership style.


The program is held in Swedish.

Program Content

The Executive Leadership Program contains six modules of in total 25 days extended over a period of six months.

These are the program modules and examples of content from each one:

Business Strategy and Business Development
Strategic analysis and strategic decision- making. Evaluation and development of a company’s concept of business, goals, and strategies. Identification of principal strategic issues and business opportunities.

Leadership and Personal development
Requirements of a leader and personal leadership style. The work and lifestyle of a manager. Human relations, communication, and conflict resolution. The leader as an individual and a member of a group.

Business and Society
The principal aspects of the business environment: ideologies and interests in political life, business cycles, and structures in the national economy. The relationship of the firm to the nation-state and the local community.

Organization and Corporate Culture
Management philosophy, culture, and values in the development of a company’s business and operations. Quality and productivity. Strategies and methods for the process of change.

Marketing and Market Strategy
Marketing, the concept of business, and strategy. Industrial marketing and marketing of services. Market analysis, marketing strategy, communication, and marketing organization. Customer and market orientation.

Financial Analysis and Strategy
The financing policy of the firm, capital structure, risk, growth, and profitability. Valuation of a company and capital markets.

The program researchers, experts, and business leaders will boost your development and give input on your specific cases and challenges during the program. You will work closely with other participants for continuous feedback and input and the program is a great opportunity to develop a strong, long-term business network that stretches way beyond the program period.

Benefits for you and your organization

You will:

  • acquire a greater understanding of the process which underlie various business models and strategies
  • increase your knowledge of the drivers of growth and profitability
  • improve your ability to lead change and development
  • develop and improve your personal leadership style

For the organization

All the models, analytical methods and practical exercises which are used during the program form a multifaceted toolkit that enables you to pass on the knowledge you have acquired. In this way, the program becomes a learning journey for your entire organization.

The program provides you with access to the Stockholm School of Economics alumni network, Networker.

Participant profile

The Executive Leadership Program is intended for managers in management teams at private-sector, co-operative, and public-sector companies, as well as government agencies – in other words, managing and agency directors and their deputies, division heads, senior local managers, and directors of functional and staff departments reporting to the management team.

An effort is made to put together participant groups in which diverse industries, types of organizations and functions are represented.

In order to maximize the benefit of this advanced executive education program, you strive to acquire a broader and deeper knowledge in business development and leadership and are ready to invest in both your professional and personal development.

This executive education program is held in Swedish.

Why SSE Executive Education?

SSE Executive Education has been developing companies and organizations through their leaders and specialists since 1968. We are ranked as the #1 provider of Executive Education in the Nordics by Financial Times and have been so since 2001. More reasons to choose SSE Executive Education can be found here >>

Business/assignment Business Control Leadership

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Next program start

04 November 2024 - 28 August 2025
240 000 SEK (Ex VAT)
Excluding room & board and travel expenses.

All dates

  • November 4 - 8, 2024: Kämpasten, Sigtuna
  • December 9 - 12, 2024: Kämpasten, Sigtuna
  • January 27 - 30, 2025: Kämpasten, Sigtuna
  • March 10 - 13, 2025: Kämpasten, Sigtuna
  • May 5 - 8, 2025: Kämpasten, Sigtuna
  • August 25 - 28, 2025: Kämpasten, Sigtuna

Info meetings

Executive Leadership Program

Location: Digitalt informationsmöte - More info and registration

Executive Leadership Program

Location: Digitalt informationsmöte - More info and registration

Executive Leadership Program

Location: Digitalt informationsmöte - More info and registration

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