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We are in the midst of a strategic turn in business, where sustainability is in the heart of corporate strategy. Now senior business leaders and sustainablity experts are working together to enhance sustainable value creation. However, sustainability work within companies and organizations is often delayed and sporadic. This is not primarily because of lack of knowledge, will or understanding. A more common reason is that sustainability managers and business managers – who are often assumed to be working together on these issues – lack both an understanding of the context in which each other is operating, and a common language to express aims and direction.

This executive program is therefore aimed at both sustainability managers (or equivalent) and general managers. Ideally a sustainability manager and a general manager from the same organization participate together. If this is not possible, there is the option to match pairs at the start of the program.

Program Content

MODULE 1: Introduction and breakout sessions

The first module consist of two days at a training center.

The first day is about forming a common ground for discussions, where we map the development of sustainability strategy and connect it to business strategy. We form a joint thinking and a joint language building on both theory and your experiences. The topics for the day are:

  • Introduction to sustainability
  • Shared perspectives and language
  • Sustainability and strategy
  • Sustainability communication
  • The Role of the CSO

The second day is about working with hands-on tools for building a sustainability strategy. Through a live case, we discuss and develop both a strategy and a plan for implementation. The concept of Shared Value is in the center for our thinking. In groups, we discuss the different perspectives on the following topics:

  • Understanding the organizational context
  • Tame and wicked problems
  • Strategies for reframing
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Practical problem solving

After the group discussions, we identify and formulate concrete, unresolved issues from the participants own organizations. The identified issues are used as a foundation to form project groups for the real-life project in module two.


The second module consists of real-life projects and coaching sessions.

To ensure that you are able to integrate your new knowledge and perspectives in your organizational context and create real impact, the program also include a real-life project. During the weeks between module one and three each team formulate a plan for solving the issue, under headings such as:

  • Problem definition
  • Goals, both short-term and long-term
  • Activities
  • Ability to perform these activities: strengths and weaknesses
  • Risk analysis: threats and opportunities
  • Resources, organization and timetable
  • Communication plan: With who? About what?

The real-life projects are supported by two digital coaching sessions where you get the opportunity to discuss your proposals and dilemmas.


Integration and synthesis

In the third module you present your projects for your program colleagues during a half day at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The goal of the last day of the program is to give participants the opportunity to integrate the material discussed during module one in the context of a real and current problem.

Participants will also critically review real-life action plans and use the reference frame from the program. A panel of experienced sustainability experts give you comments for further implementation in your company or organization. The day includes:

  • Integration and synthesis
  • Presentations of project results
  • Shared learning in the whole group and in smaller teams
  • How to work with successful change processes
Benefits for you and your organization

The overall purpose of the Sustainability Executive Development program is to get greater impact from the sustainability efforts of the organization. This by working out sustainable business strategies through better understanding and collaboration between sustainability managers and general managers.

Participant profile

Participation in the Sustainability Executive Development program is intended in pairs – ideally, a sustainability manager and a general manager from the same organization participate together.

If the organization can not send two persons, there is also the option to match pairs at the start of the program.

Our program advisors will help you with any questions you might have regarding this program and make sure it matches your needs and specific profile. You will find the contact information below.

Why SSE Executive Education?

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Mer om programmets innehåll, praktiska detaljer och vårt sätt att se på executive education (pdf).


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Stockholm and Sigtuna, Sweden
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