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Finding a way to engage with and have a positive impact in society above and beyond business growth and success is the goal of many entrepreneurs and private business owners.

Contributing to societal and sustainable development is not only important in creating a purpose that is meaningful in the longer term, but can also be deeply satisfying on a personal level. For many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, it actually becomes their primary purpose in life, while for many business-owning families, it is an important part of building a cohesive and strong ownership group that unites around shared values and goals.

This program enables you to initiate a conversation on how to have a positive and lasting impact on social issues, causes, and communities that are important to you, your organization, and your family. We will cover issues such as social impact, mission investing, philanthropy and foundations. In short, this program will serve as inspiration and help you reflect on and start to build your legacy.

Questions that the program focuses on include:

  • Why should I engage?
  • Where and in what should I engage?
  • How can I engage in the most effective and efficient way?
  • How can I measure and assess the impact of my engagement?

Interested in learning more about the program? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or download the program brochure using the form below.

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