We are the best executive education provider in the Nordic region

This is not just our opinion. Measured customer satisfaction from both client companies and participants is very high and SSE Executive Education has been ranked No. 1 in the Nordic and Baltic region in the Financial Times international ranking of business schools, for every year since 2001.

We are part of the Stockholm School of Economics
Sweden’s oldest and most reputable business school was founded to build competitive and sustainable Swedish businesses. Our executive education programs are based on well-founded research, not on short-term trends. Our strong brand enables us to offer you the best experts and the most experienced business leaders in each area.

We offer great contacts for your future
By participating in one of our programs you will become a member of an international alumni network of prominent leaders, managers and experts. Your need for new perspectives, new knowledge and good business contacts does not end when the program ends. Through our network you can continue to be inspired and to develop over the long-term.

We transform participants and organizations
Executive education is a significant investment in terms of time and money. We take that very seriously. Our programs create positive changes in both participants and their organizations. To achieve this, we combine theoretical models with practical and actionable steps that are relevant to real-life business challenges.

Participants achieve rapid results
We plan our programs so that you can begin using your new knowledge while attending our programs. In this way, your learning quickly benefits your organization and you can reflect on the impact and any challenges together with our experts and other participants.

Participants learn from each other
Learning from others facing similar challenges can be very effective. So we put a lot of effort into creating dynamic environments where participants can contribute and help each other both during and after the programs. Exchange of experience, coaching and group exercises are central to our pedagogy.

We create the best possible learning environment
Things happen when you get the opportunity to focus fully. We create the best possible learning environment in all our programs. As a participant you have space to create trusting relationships, to discuss important matters and to focus 100% on your development.