Malin Pedro - SSE Executive EducationSapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Written by: Yuval Noah Harari

A tip from: Malin Pedro, the Program Director for Manager and Leader.

“The book Sapiens can be regarded as a journey in the context that has influenced human life. Author Yuval Noah Harari is cleverly trying to answer the question; “How come Homo Sapiens is the master of the plot?”. The book gives an overview of humanity’s shifts where many of the sometimes difficult questions are being addressed:

Why does man constantly seek meaning and what does it mean that we have a unique ability to believe in things that exist only in our imagination? Why are we the only animal that in a flexible way can collaborate in large numbers? How are we capable of telling stories that legitimize and construct large-scale human social systems?

It’s been said that the windshield of the future should be bigger than the rearview mirror of the past – and that’s exactly what this book offers – mental training in seeing interdisciplinary contexts and a clever lesson in reflecting on our common history. Read it to better understand where we stand today and perhaps also get a new perspective on your tomorrow.”

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, ISBN 9780062316097.




Erica Keim - SSE Executive Education

The Startup Way

– How Entrepreneurial Management transforms Culture and Drives Growth

Written by: Eric Ries

A tip from: Erica Keim, Head of Exploratory Business, SSE Executive Education’s business unit for innovation.

“Have you read so much management literature that you know what the next book will say before you even open it? The Startup Way does not belong to that category of books, fortunately. Instead, you will get a forward-looking and customer-focused perspective on management. Eric Ries describes in a simple way how organizations of different sizes can use principles that startups usually use to create new innovations and growth. It’s the given choice for summer reading for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of the enormous opportunities available to us in today’s VUCA world.”

The Startup Way: How Entrepreneurial Management transforms Culture and Drives Growth by Eric Ries, ISBN 9780241197264.



Fredrik Lidman - SSE Executive Education

Reinventing Organizations

– An Illustrated Invitation to join the Conversation on Next-Stage Organizations

Written by: Frederic Laloux

A tip from: Fredrik Lidman, the Program Director for Building Contractor’s Master Class Diploma.

“This is the book for you who are really frustrated with the “order of things” in the organization you are leading. For you who hope that there are other ways to organize a business that gives more meaningfulness, creativity, and efficiency. I recommend the nicely illustrated version but if you want to deepen your understanding further, the more extensive original book (without illustrations) is also available by link below.”

Reinventing Organizations – An Illustrated Invitation to Join the Conversation on Next-Stage Organizations by Fredrik Laloux, ISBN 9782960133554.

Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness by Fredrik Laloux, ISBN 9782960133509.


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