By connecting the drivers of employee fulfillment with innovation and customer value companies can bridge the gap between internally driven product developments with customer focus. In this podcast Erik talks about theories concerning the psychology of motivation, creativity and innovation and how to put it into practice with decision making being the focal point.

Erik’s research discusses how companies can influence and motivate employees and customers. The goal with this research is to offer a better understanding of how the human mind processes information and uses it in shaping attitudes and behaviors. One primary area of research is creativity and his research answers questions about how professionals and consumers think and define creativity.

Erik has written three books, as well as several academic journal articles. His third book is released in March 2015: “Kontroll – effektiv kommunikation och kampen om våra tankar”. He is a popular speaker and faculty and selected as a super talent on Veckans Affärer’s list of “101 Supertalanger“.

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