Below are some excerpt quotes from the film from the respective point of view of…

The participants

The two interviewed participants are heads of procurement in their respective companies. In the film they specifically point out the sharing of experiences with other companies and getting more confidence in the work role as important benefits.

“Honestly I love it. It’s hard to put into words but I think it’s been a great journey.”

Hannes Laaser, Chief Purchasing Officer, Telia East AS

“Since I have a rather large organization at home, I need to transform my energy to them. And if I’m confident in what I do, it’s easy to sell in what I want to do. Not just for my organization but of course for my stakeholders. And of course for the top management.”

Lydia Henriksson, Director Head of Strategic Sourcing, SAAB Kockums.

The consortium steering committee

Björn Stenecker is the CPO of Boliden and a representative from the consortium steering committee. He has been involved in the program initiative and the program contents from the start and Björn thinks the program has excelled beyond his initial expectations:

“I think the program in itself is extremely important for Sweden or Scandinavia, if I take that approach, because there is no other training like this on this strategic level. There are other trainings but on this strategic level SSE Executive Education is the only provider, I would say.”

Stenecker favors the program format of the Strategic Procurement Program over an internal company training program:

“I don’t see any alternative, because on this strategic level, and with this seniority, you need to have other influencers. You need to have an external provider, definitely, but also influencers from other companies.”

The Program Director

SSE Executive Education’s Peter Myhrström agrees on the shared experiences and insights being very strong benefits, both for the participants and for the organizations involved in the program.

“I would say it is the sharing between the participants, because if you share all the knowledge that is combined among the participants in the program, then the amount of knowledge and new insights becomes really beneficial for everybody in the program. For the organizations, I would say it is a really good opportunity for them to benchmark against other companies, to see and learn from each other.”



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What is a consortium program?

The consortium program format is a middle way between an open and tailored executive program, where a consortium of organizations are invited to proactively influence program objectives and structure. The participating companies share a common interest in long-term, close exchanges of experience and networking with other companies and organizations.

SSE Executive Education have long-standing consortium collaborations with over 20 organizations. These organizations nominate groups of managers and executives to consortium programs on a regular basis.

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