Today we are facing huge challenges with the:
• Environment – how will our planet survive
• Economical – new business models, new ways to create value
• Social – the polarization
• Existential – what will happen with work in the future?

Addressing these four challenges as individuals, as organizations, as a society, and as a planet is part of sustainable leadership. And that is not enough. Can we handle these challenges if we don’t address issues about our own sustainable well-being, and how we as individuals and leaders sustain? Emma Stenström, takes on these questions and more in this short talk (12 min).


This is one of the talks from the event “Sustainable leadership – the Swedish way”, held by SSE Executive Education at Stockholm School of Economics the 18 of April 2017. The event gathered prominent representatives of the Swedish business arena as well as academia on the topic of Sustainable leadership.

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