Johan Nordlund

Program Director

Telefon: +46 70 812 42 44

Johan has more than 15 years of experience as faculty and program director at SSE ExEd. He specializes in Finance and focuses on Sustainable Finance and Household Finance. He holds a M.Sc. in Business and Economics, as well as CEFA.

Main subject areas

Accounting, finance, economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Asset allocation – portfolio choices for institutions as well as for individuals.
  • The global challenges, with special focus on climate and the environment, and the techniques / products / initiatives to address those challenges.
  • Financial Risk Management – instruments, techniques, regulatory framework


Teaching & Outreach

Johan teaches in both open enrollment and customized programs. Example of engagements is the well-renowned Diploma Program for Financial Analysts (CEFA), SwedSec´s licensing programs and Sustainable Finance programs for banks in both Emerging and Developed Markets. Furthermore, Johan is also engaged in training programs for the public sector – focusing on financial analysis, planning and strategic choices.

Apart from training Johan also do consultations towards the financial sector, and he is part of the core team in the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre.

Academic degree

MSc in Business and Economics


Sustainable Finance, Household Finance, Asset Management, Risk Management