The prize is instituted by the Corporate Partners of SSE. Tomas Hjelström is a teacher and researcher at the Department of Accounting at the Stockholm School of Economics. He has been active at the school for over 20 years at both bachelor’s and master’s level, and in executive education.

From the jury’s motivation, it can be read that Tomas “(…) with passion, energy, curiosity and knowledge uses a wide range of different teaching methods such as traditional lectures and seminars, case studies, self-study and active teacher support, webinars and coaching”.

For Tomas, the students’ learning is in focus. He also emphasizes the importance of daring to try new approaches in order to continue to develop yourself:

– I am pleased to have received the award, but above all I appreciate that the importance of pedagogy has finally been lifted. I have always loved standing in the lecture hall to both impart knowledge and gain new experiences. I have been doing this for almost 20 years and it is still just as fun to meet new people, gain new insights and questions to decide on.

At SSE Executive Education, Tomas teaches several programs and is also a much-appreciated teacher in accounting, finance and valuation at the Executive MBA. In the last decade, he has been elected Teacher of the Year eight times.

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