The high rate of change in business makes it more important than ever as a manager to be able to quickly analyze and understand the financial conditions of your business and those of others and to act on the needs you identify.

This includes:

  • Understanding external reporting, in other words being able to read and analyze your own and others’ financial statements and understanding the connections between various key figures.
  • Being aware of and being able to use financial tools internally to manage and act on what the figures show.
  • Understanding how the external and internal financial aspects interact and how you can use them to find balance in business development in the long term.

Through the program Business Administration for Managers and Leaders – Value Creating Business Development, you will have access to all of these aspects and understand connections between strategic decisions and financial consequences. You will be able to authoritatively support your decisions and ideas with financial arguments both towards the management group and your own team.

You will “speak the financial lingo” and be comfortable with financial concepts such as: balance sheet and income statement, cash flow statement, financial effects of strategic and operational decisions, profitability and financial analysis, financial effects of corporate acquisitions, financial and business control, budgets and transfer pricing, management using financial key performance indicators, balanced scorecards and incentive systems.

Program Content

The program Business Administration for Managers and Leaders – Value Creating Business Development comprises eight days divided into four modules of two days each.

The four modules are:

  1. External financial reporting – Understanding reports and KPIs
  2. Financial analysis – Measuring and evaluating the business finances
  3. Financial control – Acting and developing business with financial tools
  4. Continuation of financial control and Integrated project work – A practical beginning to change work

Module 1 – External reporting – understanding reports and KPIs (2 days)

What do the contents of the annual report mean? How are the reports related? What are the consequences if a change is made?

The connection between the transactions and the reporting is the core of the first module. The goal is for you to be able to read, understand and talk about annual reports and quarterly reports in a well-informed manner.

Module 2 Financial analysis – measuring and evaluating (2 days)

Is the business doing well or poorly? What key performance indicators are relevant to us? How do we compare ourselves with others?

In module 2, we go through tools for evaluating how the business is doing. We use various key performance indicators and look at how to use them to measure liquidity, financial strength and profitability

Module 3 Financial control – acting and developing (2 days)

What investments do we need to make?  How do we measure and reward our staff?

In module 3, we will focus on identifying the opportunities you have as a manager to act based on the needs that the analyses identify. This includes components such as:  incentive systems for employees, performance measurement and combined models for handling several perspectives at the same time.

Module 4 Continuation of financial control and project work – putting the knowledge to work (2 days)

How should I apply my knowledge to my own daily work and business?

Through the project work, you will get started directly with applying your knowledge to the business. You can choose a relevant development project or a challenge of your own and analyze and find improvement possibilities using the financial tools you acquired during the program.

Program format

The program consists of four modules with two days in each session. All modules are done as an offsite overnight stay at a conference center near Stockholm. Various forms of interaction between participants and relevant examples taken from the participants’ own businesses are central elements of the program.

The program’s project work will require you to set aside time for studies between the modules as well.


After having attended the program Business Administration for Managers and Leaders – Value Creating Business Development, you will:

  • Be very well equipped to understand, analyze and develop your company’s business.
  • Have very good financial competence. You will be able to analyze and evaluate other actors in the company’s surroundings and use the collective information to make good financial decisions.
  • Understand important financial concepts and be able to communicate and argue more effectively regarding financial and development issues.
  • Have expanded your professional network, with opportunities to share and exchange experiences long after the end of the program.
The right program for you?

This program is for those who have a management position and want to develop their financial knowledge, based on understanding the financial language to how you integrate it into daily business decisions. Common positions are CEOs, marketing directors, sales managers, project managers, product managers, IT managers and business area managers.

Why SSE Executive Education

SSE Executive Education has been developing companies and organizations through their leaders and specialists since 1969. We are ranked as the #1 provider of Executive Education in the Nordics by Financial Times and have been so since 2001. More reasons to choose SSE Executive Education can be found here >>

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