”Meals are a major and important part of the overall experience of Campus Kämpasten. Niklas and his colleagues in the kitchen always get amazing reviews from our participants and guests. This is yet another confirmation of the restaurant’s high standard and a success well deserved indeed. “

Margareta Axelsson, Director Campus Kämpasten.

Niklas is no rookie when it comes to competitions – he won the award for Corporate restaurant of the year in 2010 and qualified for the quarterfinals of Chef of the Year in 2016. For this year’s edition of Chef of the Year it was a dish of pike-perch with a sherry sauce, cabbage and sorrel with Japanese influences of konbu algae and miso that secured Niklas Pallgren’s place in the competition.

Head Chef at Campus Kämpasten for SSE Executive Education

“It’s fun and inspiring to get accepted. I like it when one has to maximize oneself to develop the cooking and the competition element is great for that.”

Niklas Pallgren, Master Chef at Campus Kämpasten



The competitions will be held on 19-20 June, where Niklas will compete against 31 well-established participants. We congratulate Niklas on his success and wish him the best of luck for the rest of the competition!

SSE Executive Education offers top-rated executive education for managers, executives, and specialists. Campus Kämpasten is run by Sodexo on behalf of SSE Executive Education. For more information please contact:

Niklas Pallgren, Master Chef Campus Kämpasten
Phone: +46 8 592 585 09
E-mail: niklas.pallgren@sodexo.com

Eva Kristensson, Communications Director, Sodexo
Phone: +46 8 578 859 63
E-mail: eva.kristensson@sodexo.com

Margareta Axelsson, Director Campus Kämpasten
Phone: +46 8 592 585 00
E-mail: margareta.axelsson@exedsse.se