On the evening of July 25, 2018 – at the peak of high summer heat – a fire broke out in one of the main buildings at Kämpasten, the SSE Executive Education Campus and conference facility in Sigtuna outside Stockholm. The dining hall and restaurant kitchen were completely destroyed and quite suddenly, running the program would be impossible, only one month before fall term was to begin. The operation was shut down completely and all programs and participants were moved to over 16 different conference facilities throughout the Stockholm area.

Quick and creative premium solution

In the fall, while the program was underway at other facilities, discussions to find a solution were held with architectural firm Tengbom. A decision was made to set up a temporary restaurant out of modules, a so-called pavilion solution, and to rebuild the permanent area in the meantime. In addition to producing a sufficiently quick solution, the facilities would need to fulfill a level of quality and service that can match the educational standards of the programs, the participants’ expectations and the Kämpasten brand. The word “premium” corresponds well with the desired level. On the recommendation of Tengbom, Cramo Adapteo was selected as the supplier in charge of the new facilities. Cramo Adapteo’s focus on sustainability regarding their products and operation also played a significant role in the choice of supplier.

Restaurant building with a premium feel

Kämpasten is in Sigtuna, by Lake Mälaren. The main building with classrooms and the hotel room wings are beautifully situated between trees and green spaces just above the dock and sauna. In a newly constructed area, a module-style restaurant with two dining halls, a lounge and a kitchen have now been set up. The building is split into two levels with a terrace and a large balcony with views of the lake.

Project developer Ulf Sevborn from Cramo Adapteo talks about the many unique solutions they have created, the most spectacular of which is the glass-encased pavilion along the long side of the water, spanning a total of 36 meters with glass from floor to ceiling. The pavilion is beautifully situated between Nedergården and the improved Sjövillan. A lounge is being built above the restaurant, where course participants can relax and socialize. Two fireplaces also make a nice contribution to the atmosphere.

A brand new, permanent building will now be planned and built. But first, we look forward to April 23, when we can welcome participants, staff and guests back to Kämpasten once again.

We want to thank our partners Cramo Adapteo, NCC Mark and Bygg, Input Interiör and Dalux Storkök, who have developed and implemented a solution in a quick, intensive period.