Kämpasten’s dining hall and restaurant kitchen were completely destroyed by the fire in late July 2018 – just one month before the beginning of the fall semester. Kämpasten was forced to shut down all operations immediately and the planned programs were relocated to other conference facilities in the Stockholm area. Since then, comprehensive work has been underway on many fronts to equip the area to receive participants, guests and staff once again.

To be up and running again as quickly as possible without compromising on quality in terms of participants’ experiences of the programs and accommodation, a decision was made to build a free-standing building composed of modules, called a pavilion solution. The pavilion has a restaurant with two dining halls, a lounge and a kitchen. The building is a high-quality, if temporary, solution that has been built in anticipation of a new, permanent restaurant and dining hall to be planned and constructed in the original fire-ravaged location.

“Working and realizing a common goal is incredibly meaningful for everyone involved. Seeing the burned-down Kämpasten literally emerge over 9 months through unparalleled hard work and teamwork is inspiring. I am happy and proud that once again, we can welcome old and new guests to Kämpasten – and that we can now recreate the same unique learning experiences and transformations that we always have and will continue to do at Kämpasten.”

Anders Richtnér, CEO of SSE Executive Education

Initial pictures of the pavilion

Picture 1: Pavilion exterior

Picture 2: Balcony with views of Lake Mälaren

Picture 3: Set for a welcome dinner

Picture 4: The lounge

Se paviljongen växa fram

Cramo Adapteo is the supplier of the new construction and they have assembled a video documenting how the pavilion emerged:

Find more pictures and information about Kämpasten at https://www.kampasten.se/en/