Research on diversity and cross-cultural management

In her research Laurence Romani looks at how companies can work with diversity both effectively and ethically. Laurence has published many international papers on cross-cultural management and leadership and she teaches at the Department of Management and Organization at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Through learning we adapt our view of the world

Recent social developments have made it more important for companies and organizations to demonstrate that they are striving for diversity and inclusive cultures. But many companies working with diversity are not as inclusive as they think. Diversity work has even become counter-productive and has resulted in people being segregated. What is going on?

To be able to work successfully with diversity we must start by learning more about differences and discrimination. This learning must be continuous, since learning enables us to continue adapting to our environment. Only then can we adjust to diversity.

In this podcast Laurence Romani explains why organizations should work with diversity and where to start.

More on this topic

  • Preliminary results from the research project “Leading Cultural Diversity Ethically” can be found here.

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