A podcast with Professor Andreas Werr and Associate Professor Pernilla Bolander: The leadership skills required to succeed for different business challenges. 

Talent Management (TM) is all about identifying, developing and retaining key employees. The past two decades have seen a dramatic increase in interest worldwide for Talen Management and its practical application. But are the current theoretical models and tools universal, or do they need to be adapted to national and cultural differences? In this podcast, Professor Andreas Werr and Associate Professor Pernilla Bolander elaborate on what future leadership skills are required to win in different competitive scenarios.

Professor Andreas Werr and Associate Professor Pernilla Bolander at the Center for Human Resource Management and Knowledge Work at Stockholm School of economics present the first phase of findings in their current research on Talent Management (TM). An empirical study of Swedish multinationals conducted in partnership with SSE Executive Education. Three different approaches to TM have been identified – a humanist, a competition-oriented and an entrepreneurial.