The retreat alternates between meditation and other research-based exercises with structured reflection sessions that give you the opportunity to examine your situation and explore possible paths going forward.

“The fact that this is a business retreat doesn’t mean that you’ll be working while you’re here. But the exercises we perform will give the tools you need to continue your development, both personally and in your role as a manager and leader. These things are interlinked,” says Lasse.

The retreat is aimed at managers and leaders who feel a need to gain perspective in a complex or hectic everyday world, and for revitalization.

”You don’t need any prior experience of meditation, for example,” says Lasse. “But you should be curious about the exercises and techniques we use and have an open mind. You’ll have the chance to try out a variety of different exercises designed to help you focus and get in touch with yourself. You’ll also be able to reflect on challenging situations in your everyday life in which it’s difficult to gain perspective – and on what’s really important to you.”

Lasse is a certified mindfulness instructor, Ph.D. and affiliated researcher to the Center for Wellbeing, Welfare and Happiness at Stockholm School of Economics. He researches into the ways in which leaders integrate their inner development with their professional lives, and also has many years’ experience of personally leading such group dynamic processes.

“When inner development, for example, enables leaders to become more aware, more present in their professional roles, it can help build more efficient organizations and increase workplace well-being,” says Lasse. “If you want to develop in your role as a leader, if you’re curious about how you can work on your ability to focus and be present in the here and now – and if you’re looking for the tools that will enable you to do that – this Business retreat is for you.”

The Business retreat program is offered in partnership with the Center for Wellbeing, Welfare and Happiness at the Stockholm School of Economics and will be launched in April 2024 at Campus Kämpasten.

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