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From business to multi-dimensional leadership development

During twenty-five years, as a leader in both the private and non-profit sectors, Mats Agurén thought about what constitutes effective leadership in multi-dimensional contexts and environments. This resulted in a dissertation on the subject. Today, Mats is a member of the faculty for several leadership programs at SSE Executive Education.

Collaboration for effective problem solving

In general, an organizational structure is designed to facilitate problem-solving. Given the rapid pace of development today, organizations are increasingly confronted with so-called “wicked problems,” that is problems for which the old solutions no longer work, and which therefore require new approaches. It is not enough to create another traditional organization. We need organizations that are created on the basis of the problem to be solved ie multi-dimensional organizations. In such organizations all the leaders act together and businesses develop through the leaders’ day-to-day exchanges.

In this podcast Mats Agurén reflects upon all this and explains how effective multi-dimensional organization can be created.

More on this topic

  • “Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis” by Robert Kennedy, ISBN: 978-0393318340
    – a book that describes a real-life wicked problem that was dealt with by a multi-dimensional organization.

Are you facing problems that require innovative thinking and creativity?

In the SSE Executive Education online program on multi-dimensional leadership Mats Agurén explores the concepts surrounding matrix organizations and multi-dimensional leadership, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to make them work. The program includes both practical examples and theoretical perspectives. Online participation can be combined with a live seminar.

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