Training plus internship – a powerful combination

RAMP consists of 50- program days at the Stockholm School of Economics and a one-year internship at a Swedish company. The program will enable new arrivals to integrate into the Swedish labor market and getting jobs for which they already have relevant education and experience.

 “Sweden shall become the best in the world at integration”

– I want to be a role model for all refugees and a good example of how refugees can integrate and be successful here, says Rand Entabi, newly-arrived banker from Syria and participant in RAMP.

The average age of participants in RAMP is 32, the average number of years’ work experience is six and the average time in managerial roles is three years. The training aims to improve the integration of new arrivals and thereby strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness through making use of the skills they bring. Michael Storåkers, a founder of the program, believes that education is the strongest driver of successful integration. He wants Sweden to become the best in the world at integration – and to show the rest of the world that it works.

Listen to Rand and Michael, to Kristina Nilsson, Program Director for RAMP and Pia Anderberg, Senior VP Innovation & Human Resources at Axel Johnson, one of the companies that hosts interns from the program.

Pia Anderberg’s tips for hosting a RAMP intern in your company:

  • Respect different cultures
  • Be patient: it takes time
  • Do not underestimate people. Many of us have similar academic backgrounds and experience – even if we come from different countries.

More about the program RAMP here >>

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