”Business is in great need of this type of executive training that focuses on concrete methods for understanding the digital transformation we are now seeing and operating within. Decoding X will be the foremost platform in the Nordic countries, bringing together the leaders of tomorrow to strengthen their leadership and capacity for innovation. The program has the backing of an international network of lecturers associated with the Stockholm School of Economics and Decoding X,” says Anders Richtnér, associate professor and CEO of SSE Executive Education.

Professor Robin Teigland from the Stockholm School of Economics has been involved in developing Decoding X and is another member of the program faculty. Backed by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, during the spring Decoding X held a series of workshops with representatives of major companies, start-ups, and the political and public administration to develop the concept.

“Globalization, exponential technological development, digitalization and a greater focus on sustainability are just some of the drivers that pose an acute challenge for today’s leaders. In this context, we need the ability to make rapid decisions and create something new, and the courage to take a long-term view. The program therefore gives participants the tools to not only keep up with social and technological change, but to lead it.” says Klara Adolphson, co-founder of Decoding X.

The first Decoding X program will start in March 2018.

Applicants are welcome!


For further information:
Anders Richtnér, CEO SSE Executive Education
+46 73 659 77 27, anders.richtner@exedsse.se

Klara Adolphson, co-founder Decoding X
+46 70 384 48 66, klara@decodingx.com

Claudia Olsson, co-founder Decoding X
+46 70 439 19 75, claudia@decodingx.com

See also exedsse.se/en/program/decoding-x and www.decodingx.com
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