The collaboration with the management consulting firm sprung out of a common interest in creating impact.

“As strategic advisors, Bain & Company plays a crucial role in society. Together we can contribute to insights for action and achieve lasting impact”, says Katarina Hägg, CEO of SSE Executive Education.

This tailor-made educational program has been created for the academy with Johan Nordlund as Program Director from SSE Executive Education, playing a crucial part in the design of the program.

“The field of sustainability is vast. Our customized program for Bain & Company will give participants an in-depth understanding of this multifaceted and fast-moving field. After this four-day program, participants will be knowledge-boosted, inspired, and ready to scale up their engagements with clients in sustainability dialogues”, says Johan.

In the design process, SSE Executive Education works closely together with the clients, from the initial needs assessment and diagnostic phase, through the design phase and delivery, to following up and tracking business impact. This program leverages resources from both academia and industry, for topics such as climate and ecosystem science, energy, regulatory development, and corporate sustainability transition.

“It covers current and coming policy responses, NGO initiatives, and the crucial transitions for industries and society. In our program, academic experts and leading practitioners will discuss needed directions and priorities on an overarching level, also studying sector and corporate examples of frontline transformation initiatives”, Johan tells us.

Sustainability is critical to corporate strategy and business innovation and is a main focus area at SSE. The educational program takes on sustainability from several scientific perspectives – such as climate, biological and social challenges, as well as energy and circular economy.

“From a corporate perspective, the integration of sustainability into strategy is critical. It’s about positioning yourself in a transformative economy – you can succeed in sensing and seizing new business opportunities or run the risk of having an outdated business model”, says Johan.



At SSE Executive Education, we provide organizations and their leaders with new knowledge, new ways of thinking and new tools to successfully transform business and society. We are Northern Europe’s leading partner for executive education and ranked number one in the Nordics according to Financial Times. We offer training in leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable growth and financial economics as well as specialist programs in finance and insurance. Since 2005, SSE Executive Education (formerly “IFL at Stockholm School of Economics”) is part of the Stockholm School of Economics.

Our tailored programs are an effective way to ensure that your organization’s skills align with its strategy and development path, as well as prepare your managers and leaders for the next step in your organization’s development. When we design a tailored program, we always create it based on the specific needs and challenges of your company. We work with you regularly to ensure that we’re providing you with the most effective solution possible. We always have the bigger picture in mind, which means that our programs are specially designed to help you make lasting changes.

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