Please note that this podcast is in Swedish.

Improving operations

At the Center for Innovation and Operations Management at the Stockholm School of Economics Martin Sköld conducts research on improving operations management. He is also involved in leading several programs at SSE Executive Education and often appears on television as an expert commentator.

Joined-up thinking

As long ago as 1947, Scania began working with so-called “modularization”. By developing generic components for trucks, which could be combined into customized products, the company was able to deliver both volume and variety very early on. This way of working continues today. The components can be likened to Lego pieces, which can be combined into unique and customized offerings. Strategies for becoming twice as effective can be applied to many different activities, not just industry, as long as the whole organization is on board. Here, leadership is central.

In this podcast Martin Sköld talks about how to become twice as effective and he gives valuable leadership tips and advice on the path to profitability.

More on this topic

  • Good to Great” by Jim Collins, ISBN: 978-0066620992
  • ”The Future of Management” by Gary Hamel
    ISBN: 978-1422102503

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