As a military officer Petronella has a great deal of leadership experience, both in practice and in theory, as well as knowledge of strategy, communication, problem solving and stress management. It is a background that expands and complements SSE Executive Education’s existing areas of expertise.

After completing officer training and spending 24 years in the armed forces she had been anticipating continuing her military career. However she was attracted by the challenge presented by SSE Executive Education – an opportunity to apply her knowledge in a different context.

“The military is a very good school for people who are interested in leadership. I am passionate about the development of people and organizations and hope to help create customized solutions with maximum effect,” says Petronella, who served in Kosovo, the Congo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“I feel very humbled by other people’s experiences and stories, and do not believe that the most important thing is where they come from. It is important to draw upon what people have learned, and together consider situations as they arise. In this way, experiences can be valid whether they were acquired at home in the backyard, in everyday life, or for that matter out there in the world somewhere.”

You will meet Petronella in our Open and Customized programs.