Copenhagen Business School Executive (CBS Executive) and Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education are offering a new joint high-level executive program for senior public, private and civil executives from the Nordic countries.


The main purpose of the program is to expose participants to some of the most pressured and fundamental global challenges, and discuss the consequences and solutions to them in a Nordic context. Furthermore, we want to inspire participants on a personal level that hope and leadership is both possible and necessary, and explore what personal path each and one needs to take in relation to these challenges.

Another purpose is to bridge and connect senior executives from public organizations, private companies and civil organizations from all Nordic countries giving access to world-renowned faculty and experts from European countries and the US and to share and learn from mutual Nordic experiences and strengthen cross-national professional relations across the Nordic countries.

Background & challenge

The Nordic welfare model has proven its sustainability and longevity. However, many global, regional and local challenges are putting significant pressure on the Nordic welfare model, which consequently is changing the conditions and dynamics for public, private and civic organisations.

Examples of major current and future challenges that we will go into depth with are migration and further internationalisation, all the “tech-stuff” (AI, digitalization and automatisation) and of course our impact on nature and climate are all problems without passport that travel across nations. Which in turn change our society as well as the dynamics of politics. With regards to the financial and debt crisis, the Nordic countries have (so far) shown to be resilient, in sharp contrast to many other parts of the world.

Thus, in a situation with much change in the world, we ask what a good society may be. In doing so, we revisit the Nordic model and its implications for leadership from an international outlook. It is this endeavor the Nordic Summit will embark on.

Senior executives from public, private and civic sectors

The program is targeted at senior executives from public, private and civic sectors that are strategically responsible for leading their organisations into the future.
For public sector managers this means state secretaries, director generals, Municipal and regional Chief Executive, CEOs of state- and municipality-owned companies, etc.
For private and civic sector managers this means general secretaries and CEOs (as well as other c-suite managers) that are part of the top management team.
We highly encourage management teams to sign-up in groups to ensure a higher level of impact and learning.

Program design and content

Prior to the programme, all participants are interviewed and a minor pre reading assignment will be carried out.

In the start up module, we lay the foundation of the program, by identifiying and discussing the challenges and questions that the group bring to the program. We then begin to explore what the next industrial revolution may have for impacts on society at large and what institutions and policies that need to be in place in order to create a ”good society” in the future. This starting module will take place Copenhagen.

The second module makes up an exploratory expedition, where we go into depth with some of the most pressing questions about our time in order to understand more of what is going on in the western world: what has happened to the relation between wages and profit? What will happen in the future with further automation and robotisation? How can the current development in Europe be understood? What happens with trust between people?  Where is politics going and why? Where will the US go in all this?

The module starts in Brussels and ends in Washington.

The ending module takes place in Stockholm, we take an in-depth look into what brave leaders have done historically in times of turbulence, and what personal leadership bravery in this time can and should be.


With pictures and a short description

The program will be facilitated by a team of CBS Executive and SSE EXED professors responsible for the academic content and quality.

The faculty of the program is a mix of academic faculty and experts with a strong international outlook combined with faculty that discuss the Nordic countries in an international perspective.



Programme fee

Programme fee is EURO 9,700 + Danish or Swedish VAT. This includes:

  • Two 1-day modules in respectively Copenhagen and Stockholm
  • Five day module in Brussel and Washington DC
  • Five night hotel accommodation incl. breakfast Brussel and Washington DC
  • Four joint lunches and three joint dinners in Brussel and Washington DC
  • Other catering and beverages etc. during programme schedule
  • Local transportation in Brussel and Washington DC during programme schedule
  • International flight in relation to module 2 (group booking) from Copenhagen or Stockholm to Brussels, from Brussels to Washington DC and from Washington DC back to Copenhagen or Stockholm.

The fee does not include US Visa and flight in relation to module 1 in Copenhagen and module 3 in Stockholm.

Applicants are assessed by an internal process. We recommend early registration to ensure your participation.

Programme may be subject to change.

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