Petronella K. Andersen

Head of Delivery

Telefon: +46 70 361 75 05

Petronella Andersen works to inspire people to grow to their full potential: with high energy she supports other leaders in developing their own authentic leadership style while keeping strategic goals in sight. As a former commander in the Swedish Navy she has extended experience of international operations, leadership and group dynamics, operational planning and management, developing actionable intelligence, strategical development of organizations and driving change. Her academic background is in the science of war (leadership, management, geopolitics, strategy and military history) and international relations.

Main subject areas
Leadership and Management, Communication, Organizational development, Change management

 Areas of special interest
Developing leadership, Human basic needs and inner motivation, Collaboration skills, Operations management and agility, Leadership under pressure, Strategy and goal focus.

Leadership, Management, Development, Change, Collaboration, Motivation

Academic degree
Master II International Relations

Custom programs (incl. consortium programs)
Open programs