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A management development program that provides you what you need for more effective and more sustainable management in an age when many feel that we are expected to be online and available 24/7 and where we simply have a hard time to “wind down”. In an age when managers feel that they manage reactively and are constantly putting out fires, strength needs to come from an inner peace that encompasses a strategic perspective and a proactive approach.

Sustainable Leadership is a research-based and interactive program where your experiences and challenges are given a prominent role and you are given the opportunity to develop into a more effective and conscientious manager.

Program Content

Module 1 – Me in leadership (4 days)

By increasing your self-awareness and through in depth understanding of your values, drives, patterns and visions in combination with an understanding of what research says is effective leadership, you get a firm foundation to stand on. You can make more conscientious choices to manage yourself and to achieve better effect in your leadership.

Once the foundation has been laid, we need to improve our ability to be present in the here and now. Conscientious presence is an inner resource that can be trained, which increases a manager’s focus, recovery, life balance and health, and provides greater mental effectiveness. We practice this ability by following a mindfulness program in parallel that starts during this module.

Module 2 – Neuroleadership, stress management and compassion (3 days)

Neuroleadership, knowledge of how the brain works, is introduced and how we can use this knowledge to better manage our lives and our leadership. You will also map your unique situation based on a stress perspective and develop a strategy for handling/reducing your stress.

We introduce compassion (empathy for yourself and others), which is about developing trust and inner security. The ability to treat oneself and others with warmth, care and understanding makes a big difference in leadership. By activating the body’s own security system, we make wiser decisions, have courage to make changes and get better at living in the here and now. We will also discuss how we create secure and creative working groups and organizations. We also begin the second part of our web-based development program, which focuses on stress management and compassion.

Module 3 – Integration, leadership and the future (2 days)

The final module ties the program together and integrates your personal development you’re your work. You reflect on your leadership, what you learned about yourself and how it relates to business development and future challenges. You also gain knowledge of how you achieve concrete results with inner sustainability.

Program format

The program is nine days long, divided into three modules with web-based training between the modules.

Discussions, group work and interaction between program participants and faculty are core pillars in the program. They create a good learning environment and give you many opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge with the other participants.


After completing the Sustainable Leadership program – you will increase:

  • Your self-awareness, sense of security and self-confidence in the management role
  • Your ability to make more conscientious choices
  • Effectiveness – reducing stress and increasing your employees’ well-being
  • Your ability to be present and focused
  • Your ability to lead with compassion for yourself and others
  • Your knowledge of how to set clear rules at the workplace
  • Insight into how to use your energy the right way
  • The organization’s well-being, creativity and innovative capacity through your leadership.
The right program for you?

This program is for managers or leaders who want to dedicatedly develop themselves, their leadership and their effectiveness in managing the business and others. Common positions are CEOs, marketing directors, sales managers, project managers, product managers, IT managers and business area managers.

About the Program Director

Jeannette Eidmann is a graduate in business administration with a Master in Gestalt in organizations and a PhD student at the Stockholm School of Economics. Since 2008, she has been a program director and faculty member in management at SSE Executive Education. Jeannette has worked for ten years with management group development, leadership development, personal development in leadership and coaching of managers. Before that, she was a manager and has around ten years’ experience of management group work. Jeannette is a certified mindfulness instructor and is certified in neuroleadership.

Why SSE Executive Education

SSE Executive Education has been developing companies and organizations through their leaders and specialists since 1969. We are ranked as the #1 provider of Executive Education in the Nordics by Financial Times and have been so since 2001. More reasons to choose SSE Executive Education can be found here >>

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More about the program content, practical details and our thoughts on executive education (pdf).

Next program start

08 March - 22 June 2021
75 000 SEK (Ex VAT)

All dates

  • March 8 - 11, 2021: Steningevik, Märsta, Sweden
  • May 3 - 5, 2021: Steningevik, Märsta, Sweden
  • June 21 - 22, 2021: Steningevik, Märsta, Sweden

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