Being able to communicate clearly and get your point across is an important skill for a finance professional. The financial language is often technical, complex and non-inclusive, which can pose real challenges when you communicate with laymen.

Communication challenges for finance professionals might include situations such as:

  • explaining a DCF-model to a buying management team
  • explaining an incentive program based on EVA or EBITDA to the employees
  • explaining the accounting treatment of research and development spending to a medical research team
  • explaining IRR to employees in a PE-owned company
  • explaining the WACC used in impairment tests of goodwill

The purpose of this training program, Financial Communication, is to improve your ability to communicate with non-financial audiences. To achieve that goal, you will get to work with your own real-life financial communication challenges as a basis for your new learnings.

Program contents

This program deals exclusively with communication with non-financial stakeholders.

The following parts will be covered in the program:

  • how to make an audience analysis
  • how to avoid “the curse of knowledge”
  • how to avoid a technically advanced financial language
  • how to use metaphors, stories, and visualization to convey a financial message
  • how to implement the SUCCES framework (Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories)
  • how to structure a presentation
  • how to be inclusive and respect gender and cultural differences
  • how to detect and adapt to different decision-making styles


The program consists of one plus one intensive days. In between the first day and the second day you will work on applying your new knowledge to one of your own communication challenges. The work will be presented and discussed during part of the second program day.

Learning process

The program is designed to integrate different learning styles. There will be plenty of small exercises, time for reflection, and short theoretical sessions – all based on real life situations and challenges.

Participant profile

The program is designed for you who work as a financial specialist and who need to communicate financial matters with laymen, both written and oral, internally and externally. Examples of occupational groups which the program is aimed at are CFO, controller, accounting officer and other management function.


After the program you will, for example:

  • feel more comfortable about your communication challenges
  • have a deeper understanding of your audience
  • be more creative in how you communicate
  • be better at applying communication tools to make financial messages stay in your audience’s memory
Program directors

Magnus Bild & Hanna Setterberg

Magnus and Hanna have extensive experience in communicating financials to various audiences. Both have a background as teachers at Stockholm School of Economics.

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24 000 SEK (Ex VAT)
Can also be given as a customized program on request, in Swedish or English.

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