There are many different communication challenges for managers and leaders. Managers switch between making tough decisions and providing inspiration and motivation every day. In addition to this, managers spend a full 60-80% of their working hours in meetings. How do you as a manager make sure that this time is used effectively? This is the program for those who want to further develop their ability to effectively communicate the right thing in the right way by learning:

  • How to better motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals
  • How to hold discussions so that you really get your message across
  • How to ensure to get the most out of discussions in your meetings
  • How to understand yourself and others and to adapt your way of communicating

The main purpose of the program is to give you new perspectives on effective communication and rhetorical tools for motivating your employees.

Program contents

Management communication is practical training that focuses on strengthening the communication of managers and leaders in situations common in the manager’s daily activities.

Program topics:

  • Convincing presentation and rhetoric – how to build up a presentation and use your body language and voice to convince without persuading
  • Effective meetings – how to actively listen and ensure that everyone is heard
  • Coaching leadership – how to actively listen and ask open questions, thereby helping people find their own solutions
  • Motivation and inspiration – how to help your employees improve their performance
  • Challenging discussions – making tough decisions and managing conflict
The right program for you?

This program is for managers, leaders or specialists seeking a more in-depth knowledge of communication. You may lead or be a member of a management team, steering committee or project group. You also have the role of motivating other members of your organization.


You strengthen your ability to more conscientiously and effectively hold various discussions with different objectives and you improve at motivating employees in the organization to achieve the goals. After the program, you will have a stronger ability to hold effective discussions with employees and to promote a culture of openness and feedback.

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