This program is three days long and is based on the StyrelseAkademien certificated program, which Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education has broadened and deepened within a number of important areas.

The contents of the program are based on the latest findings on how boards should function in order to best contribute to success and profitability. The main focus is on limited liability companies, but economic associations and non-profit organizations can also be covered.

The program has four focus areas:
– Right Governance includes corporate governance, allocation of roles between owners, the board and the managing director, and the governing documents as active components of governance.
– In the Right Staffing module, we work with the composition of the board, time input, fees etc.
– The Right Focus component deals with how the board prioritizes and works strategically, and the interplay between the board and the company’s operative management. We also discuss reporting and crisis management.
– In the Right Methods section, we impose some structure on the work of the board. It looks at ensuring that business critical issues get the right attention, that the basis for decisions are clear, that schedules are kept, and that there are opportunities for discussions between the meetings etc.

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