We examine what, why and how mindfulness works, with the help of some of Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs, researchers and practitioners of mindfulness.

Leading the way for the podcast is Carl Eneroth, Online Programs Director at the SSE Executive Education.  Carl has practised mindfulness in his work and personal life for many years.

Section 1: What is mindfulness?

Many people talk about mindfulness, but what is it? We meet the leadership consultant Göran Gennvi. He uses mindfulness and nature to help managers learn how to lead in a complex world. We introduce a theoretical framework – Theory U – and we offer a guided exercise on mindfulness of nature. This is a first step towards understanding more about leadership’s blind spot: the inner place from which we act.

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Bonus: Exercise on mindfulness of nature

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Section 2: Why mindfulness?

Why should we spend time increasing our capacity to reflect? We meet Lasse Lychnell and Emma Stenström, researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics, who discuss mindfulness and entrepreneurship. Walter Osika, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Social Sustainability at the Karolinska Institute, talks about the latest brain research. In addition, we deepen our exploration of leadership’s blind spot. How do leaders use mindfulness?

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Section 3: How does mindfulness help companies and organizations to develop? 

We meet the entrepreneur Lotta Alsén,  Jeanette Eidman, an SSE Executive Education program director and SSE Executive Educations CEO Ingrid Engström in a conversation about how mindfulness is used to improve the work environment and to increase compassion and motivation among employees. We explore further how we can make leadership’s blind spot visible for ourselves and for others.

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