Bilder på Anders: Juliana Wiklund

Hi! Since the 1st of February I have taken on the role of new CEO of SSE Executive Education. I feel both proud and humble to be leading the organization into an exciting new phase in which further internationalization and integration with SSE’s other operations will be central.

I am an associate professor at SSE and I have long been active in the interface between academia and industry. For many years I have been involved in sales, program development and implementation at SSE Executive Education. You can find more information about me here.

From personal experience, I know the importance of both continuing to learn and taking time to reflect. Balancing forwards motion with reflection is essential for deep learning; both for the individual and the organization. This balance is at the heart of what we offer in our programs: cutting-edge knowledge combined with time for reflection and understanding the implications of acquired knowledge.

We have a track record of high satisfaction ratings from participants and customers and I hope to reinforce the confidence our participants and their  organizations have in us.

We intend to remain Northern Europe’s leading partner for executive education, as well as retaining our Financial Times ranking as best in the Nordics in leadership and business development.

I look forward to leading the activities of SSE Executive Education and continuing to help participants and organizations strengthen their competitiveness – nationally and globally. Do not hesitate to contact me or my talented colleagues to learn more about how we can contribute to your continued learning and development.

With best wishes,

Anders Richtnér, Associate Professor

CEO Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education