ingrid-och-anders_press_webbEver since the Stockholm School of Economics’ quality accreditation, EQUIS, was renewed in early 2014, the School’s strategy has been to integrate its further education subsidiary, SSE Executive Education (formerly IFL), into the school’s core operations.

“My assignment was clear: To ensure that the company became a part of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Now, my colleagues and I have accomplished just that. We have changed the name, launched a new organization, expanded the collaboration with many exciting customers, and moved into completely new premises at SSE at Sveavägen 65,” says Ingrid Engström. “It is with confidence that I now pass the baton to Anders Richtnér, who played a key role in coordination with the Stockholm School of Economics, and who I know will do a fantastic job as the company now enters the next phase.”

Anders Richtnér is an associate professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and has long been active in the interface between academia and industry. He works as a researcher at the Center for Innovation and Operations Management and has been a “visiting research scholar” at Babson College in the United States, where he is also a Social Innovation Fellow. For many years, Anders has been deeply involved in SSE Executive Education, where he has worked with both sales and program development, and he is well-acquainted with the organization and its employees.

“I look forward to leading SSE Executive Education’s operations into the next phase. Ingrid has done an outstanding job, laying a solid foundation that I now have the privilege of developing further, anchoring SSE Executive Education even more clearly into the school’s other operations,” says Anders Richtnér, incoming CEO of SSE Executive Education.

With the change of CEO, SSE Executive Education enters a new phase in which internationalization and integration with the Stockholm School of Economics will play a major role. Lars Strannegård, President of SSE and Chairman of the Board of SSE Executive Education, views the future with confidence.

“With her goal-oriented approach, Ingrid has achieved comprehensive change in the organization. This was necessary and has paved the way for exciting development over the coming years. Alongside Anders Richtnér, I look forward very much to taking SSE Executive Education out into the world and continuing to help new and existing customers in industry to strengthen their competitiveness,” says Lars Strannegård.

SSE Executive Education is Northern Europe’s leading partner for executive education, and ranks best in Scandinavia in leadership and business development according to the Financial Times. Here, academic research is integrated with industry. SSE Executive Education develops leaders by focusing on cutting-edge areas, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainable growth and financial economics, and by increasing the competitiveness of companies, organizations and the public sector through powerful transformation.

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